Porrim Maryam

gamblersnim asked asklightbetweenspace: 

Oh mah glob u guyz! Isn’t Porrim like, rilly dreeeeeamy?

(Artist’s note: Let’s pretend for a while that I can draw Porrim looking hot…)

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In the Middle…?

brother-prickle asked:

Which of you is the “middle”, so to speak?

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sinuousmaestro asked:

~< Sso… Now that you’ve decided to ansswerr ssome quesstionss… Llet’ss sstarrt with ssomething ssimplle. Do any of you have parrticullarr nicknamess 4 the otherrss that you’d be willlling to ssharre?

Rose: Jade become a lot more affectionate than usual when we call her using those. 

It was a Gift
Tea or Coffee


A dub of one of the cutest ask blogs I follow. Seriously. The responses are so well thought out and cute and UGGGGGHH They are so perfect.

Once again, all voices are done by me-I’m settling into my Kanaya voice pretty well, but I’m so used to singing for Jade it’s strange just doing regular speech stuff…Rose and Karkat are solid though, since Rose is pretty close to my normal voice and Karkat is well…Karkat. And Dave is just a lower me.I used Frog Forager, Karkat’s Theme, ElevatorStuck, and Alone (from Persona 4) for the bg music this time.

Voices: (Me) http://theodddaysout.tumblr.com
Original Comic: http://asklightbetweenspace.tumblr.com/
Homestuck: Hussie
Music: To original composers


This is wonderful! I’m so happy that I don’t even know what else to say!

Games we play

Jade: we try to get kanaya to join us when we play multiplayer mode. :D

Kanaya: It Was A General Knowledge Among Us That I Am Not Very Good With Handling Electronics

Kanaya: And This Portable Gaming Device Was No Exception

Jade: but you’ll still play with us, right?

Kanaya: Always

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Things we do together


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Might as well add this here.

Big Spoon, Little Spoon


The next day…